Midden op het water een hapje eten, omringd door uw vrienden, familie of collega’s… Klinkt dat goed of klinkt dat goed? Misschien heeft u na een ontspannen dag op het water wel interesse in een uitgebreide barbecuemaaltijd op een van de eilanden? Hoewel u vrij bent om uw eigen hapjes en drankjes mee aan boord te nemen, maakt Bentfield Sloepverhuur het u graag makkelijker door diverse arrangementen te introduceren. Uiteraard zijn de genoemde prijzen exclusief huur van de boot.

Barbecue packages

Rent a comfortable boat and end the cruise with a delicious barbecue? An ideal combination for a relaxing day! Enjoy a barbecue on one of the islands or with us in the marina.

Below you will find our barbecue packages. We can also provide barbecues for people with food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, people who are on a diet or people who only eat halal. Let op: het Barbecue arrangement is alleen te boeken vanaf 10 personen. De BBQ is ook tijdens de sloephuur. U kunt aanmeren bij een van de eilanden op het Wolderwijd! 


  • Texan Steak
  • Marinaded steaks
  • Chicken steaks
  • Collar steaks
  • Saté skewers
  • Shaslick
  • Hamburger
  • BBQ sausage
  • Marinaded belly pork slice
  • Piri-Piri chicken skewer


  • Argentinian Steak
  • Marinaded entrecote (with seasalt-pepper marinade)
  • Steak skewer
  • Tenderloin saté skewers
  • Texan Steak
  • Oriental chicken steak
  • Lamb cutlets
  • Spare-Ribs
  • Marinaded belly pork slice
  • Mixed-Grill spies (varkenshaas, biefstuk, kipfilet)


*All packages include:

  • Baguettes (white and brown) & herb butter
  • Beef salad
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Cocktail sauce
  • Garlic sauce
  • BBQ sauce
  • Plates and cutlery (sturdy black plastic)
  • Barbecue set and gas cylinder (on loan)

You can select the boat package above while booking the boat online, or contact us by phone.


Depart from Strand Horst Marina and enjoy delicious snacks while cruising in your attractive boat.

Our range of luxury snacks: Please note: the minimum order for platters is 10 persons.


Dutch snack platter (€3.50 p.p.)

The Dutch snack platter consists of slices of various types of sausage, 2 types of cheese cubes, dippers with a tasty dip.


Tapas platter (€8.50 p.p.)

The tapas platter consists of Italian cold meats, pesto, aioli, carpaccio and salmon wrap, various appetisers/ Veluwe specialties and 2 kinds of baguette.


You can select the package above while booking online or contact us by phone.


If you are bringing your own drinks but would like a cooler with ice, reserve this as an extra when booking!


Small cooler €10

The Coleman 28 Qt Xtreme Cooler Marine has a capacity of 26 litres and therefore room for 36 cans of drinks. This cooler has a UV blocker and keeps ice frozen for 3 days at an outside temperature of 32 ⁰C.


Large cooler €20

The Coleman 70 Qt Xtreme Cooler has a capacity of 66 litres and therefore room for 100 cans of drinks. This cooler has a UV blocker and keeps ice frozen for 5 days at an outside temperature of 32 ⁰C.